Agreeing to serve as an executor, trustee, or guardian can be a daunting responsibility.  We work closely with fiduciaries to thoroughly explain and counsel responsibilities they may have and advise and guide them through their decision-making process.  Our attorneys have experience in assisting fiduciaries in communications with and distributions to beneficiaries.  Our legal team will assist fiduciaries in performing all of their obligations with confidence.

Our attorneys will assist in the preparation of income tax returns and probate accountings on behalf of fiduciaries and work with accountants and financial advisors of the fiduciaries to conduct coordinated administrations of trusts or estates.

Additionally, we may represent banks that serve as trustees or executors in an effort to facilitate and expedite the acceptance of accountings in probate courts or in any contested matters that may develop with the administrations of trusts and estates.

For more information regarding these matters, please contact Frank J. Gilbride IIThomas P. Spellane, or Dorothy M. Freeburg.